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September News Update Issue 3


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Featured Articles:
  Solar Power Installations – Do you know what type of RCCB to use and why? 


The existing Regulations and guidance for small PV installations have been in place for several years, however there still appears to be a lot of confusion and miss information circulating within the Industry, relating to the use of Type “A” and Type “B” RCCBs in PV installations.

“Getting it wrong can be costly for the PV Installer and could potentially be life threatening for Property Owner!”

 Report Indicates Photovoltaics Among Fastest Growing Industries in the World

2011 JRC PV Status Report

This is the tenth edition of the JRC "PV Status Report", prepared by its Institute for Energy and Transport (IET). The report summarises and evaluates the results of a survey of more than 300 companies worldwide.

It shows that with a cumulative installed capacity of over 29 GW, the European Union is leading in PV installations. By the end of 2010, European photovoltaic installations provided more than 70% of the total world-wide solar photovoltaic electricity generation capacity.

Latest News:

Installed Cost of Solar PV Systems in the U.S. Has Declined Significantly in 2010 and 2011

The average installed cost of residential and commercial PV systems completed in 2010 fell by roughly 17 percent from the year before, and by an additional 11 percent within the first six months of 2011. These recent installed cost reductions are attributable, in part, to dramatic reductions in the price of PV modules. Galen Barbose of Berkeley Lab’s Environmental Energy Technologies Division and co-author of the report explains: “Wholesale PV module prices have fallen precipitously since about 2008, and those upstream cost reductions have made their way through to consumers.”

Yorkshire Entrepreneurs Planning to Invest £100m in New Company 

TWO leading Yorkshire entrepreneurs yesterday revealed that they planned to invest £100m in a new company which aims to become one of the UK’s biggest providers of renewable energy generation systems.


NHBC Foundations’ announcement that increased solar PV installations on roofs have led to more roofs leaking is not surprising.

Venduct® Solar PV Cable Outlet

Klober’s Solar Cable Outlet Kit creates a watertight seal around cables passed through the roof. This new wind-tunnel tested product is available in 3 colours to match the roof tiles and allows additional cables to be added with ease.

Yingli Green Energy, ECN and Amtech Join Efforts to Develop PV Cell and Module

This joint project was an extension of Project PANDA, which was kicked off in 2009. As of the date of this press release, a cell efficiency of 19.7% and a module efficiency of 17.6% have been achieved in the laboratory, respectively. Secures Agreement to Supply Akcome PV Mounting Systems

The Solar Building Company Ltd, has signed an agreement with Suzhou Akcome Photovoltaic System Co. Ltd, a division of Akcome Group, for a strategic partnership and co-operation on UK market development.

Inverter and PV System Technology Guide 2011

The "Inverter and PV System Technology" Industry Guide was published in April 2011, following the "Inverter and PV System Technology" Conference in Berlin.

As well as that, it takes a close look at the interaction between the electrical components of the system, in particular at the inverter and monitoring components which form the interface between the modules and the grid.

Saft to Deploy State-of-the-art Lithium-ion Energy Storage Systems

Up to 500 Saft Li-ion energy storage systems for a total capacity of 3MWh will be deployed in combination with photovoltaic (PV) installations on France’s island territories including La Réunion and Corsica.

ABB Disconnect Switches for Applications in Photovoltaic Systems 

Renewable energies offer us infinite sources of power with minimum environmental impact. ABB, as a leading manufacturer in the energy industry, has developed several products for these applications in concordance with its policy of providing its customers with tools to harness the energy in the most effective and sustainable way.


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