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REA Support for World-Leading £1m Solar and Energy Storage Project

- International companies announce £1m investment in solar and energy storage project

-  UK poised to be a global leader in this market and drive green growth, increase energy security, and support greater renewables integration

-  Policy remains leading barrier to growth following major technological advances and reductions in cost

REA congratulates British Solar Renewables (BSR), Renewable Energy Systems (RES), and Western Power Distribution (WPD) on their announcement that they will supply, install, and manage a world-leading industrial-scale battery storage facility in the UK.

That the UK is poised for considerable growth in the energy storage market in 2016 demonstrates how investing in renewables can support new economic growth in innovative new industries.

Despite the global technological advance, government policy remains a barrier to the UK energy storage market reaching its full potential. Developing a strong energy storage market will support the transition to a low-carbon energy system at least cost to consumers. The REA’s UK Energy Storage group is leading the discussion with government to remove these barriers.

The REA’s most recent research indicates that there are presently 27 major energy storage projects that are planned and operational in the UK, with many more planned for 2016. Despite this, government policy uncertainty remains, particularly around what role of the National Infrastructure Commission will fill to assist future growth, or what actions the Department for Energy and Climate Change, Ofgem, or HM Treasury will take to ensure a clear, stable, and joined-up policy regime.

The REA’s CEO, Dr. Nina Skorupska CBE, said:

“2016 will be the year in which battery storage takes off in the UK, as we have seen the United States, Germany, and Japan, all who have moved quickly to reap the benefits of this technology- including energy security, greater renewables integration, and more green jobs. We congratulate these companies on their announcement today, which places them as leaders in the battery storage market.

The cost of more efficient batteries is rapidly declining. Now the greatest barrier to growth is policy, and we look to the National Infrastructure Commission, the Department for Energy and Climate Change, and HM Treasury particularly to see the serious potential in this area, as well as in other forms of energy storage. As members of the REA’s policy group, UK Energy Storage, RES and BSR are working to swiftly place the UK as a global leader in this industry. This can be done if the government creates more clear definitions, standardises processes, and maintains a stable framework.”

Written by REA News

1. The REA’s UK Energy Storage group is the largest energy storage trade association in the UK, with over 75 members. It is active in developing a clear and stable policy framework to expand this market, which would drive the growth of the renewable economy as a whole.

It works closely with Government and its officials on policy areas including financial incentives, planning, building regulations and taxation. It will also develop technical and training standards, where it can rely on the support of other REA groups working on issues such as decentralised energy and grid connection.

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b. The group’s most recent report on UK Energy Storage can be found here:

2. The REA also hosts the secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Energy Storage. It was set up to promote awareness of energy storage technologies and create a dedicated forum to share knowledge and debate future policy options. Bringing together Parliamentarians, businesses, NGOs and experts in the field at a range of events, the APPG offers a unique platform from which to propel innovative energy storage technologies into the mainstream.

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