Earthwise Products Ltd Adds Segen Ltd to UK Distributor Portfolio

The SOLiC 200 – an intelligent solar immersion controller – is now for sale in the UK from Segen Ltd.

Iain McRitchie, Managing Director of Earthwise Products Ltd, comments, “We are thrilled that Segen, a recognised marketing-leading solar wholesaler, has chosen to stock the SOLiC 200. In doing so, Segen is giving its installers the opportunity to upsell to existing customers, while helping homeowners maximise PV investments and giving the social housing sector a new tool to combat fuel poverty."

Iain continues, “Segen will be stocking the SOLiC 200 as part of its continuing commitment to providing installers with all of their solar PV requirements. There is a clear demand for this product, given the approaching energy price hikes, and we are delighted to be able to offer it to our customers.”

Earthwise Products Ltd launched the SOLiC 200 in November 2012.

The SOLiC 200 makes the most of solar PV installations by diverting excess solar energy to the immersion heater before it‘s exported to the grid.

The SOLiC 200 is able to operate with a very low minimum threshold to allow loss to the grid. This has been achieved by the SOLiC 200 reacting to any changes in electrical production or use in the home by checking itself 20 times a second – making the SOLiC 200 one of the most efficient devices on the market.

The SOLiC 200 is manufactured in the UK and complies with CE and British Standards. The ruggedized unit has been engineered to last the life of a solar installation (25 years) and includes a 10 year return to base replacement guarantee.

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