Hive Energy Welcomes Solar Trade Association’s Checklist For Commercial Rooftop Installations

As members of the UK’s Solar Trade Association, Hive Energy is proud to support the STA’s new guidelines for managers of commercial and industrial roof space. The simple and clear checklist gives decision makers authoritative guidance in making the decision to put solar on their roofs.

As one of the UK’s leading designers and project managers of commercial solar roof installations Hive Energy supports further regulation of the industry and quality assurance for those who choose to install solar schemes.

Currently commercial roofs account for only 5% of all solar deployment in the UK. However; as part of the DECC’s 2014 Solar PV Strategy and Hive Energy’s business strategy the emphasis is now focusing on boosting rooftop installations by working closely with the Government and other STA members.

Already this year, Hive Energy has unveiled new commercial rooftop installations at the Waitrose operated Leckford Dairy Estate and Clipper Teas’ Beaminster distribution centre. Projects such as these – small commercial roof projects (50kW-250kW) – are growing in the UK and that’s thanks to the work of the Government and the STA who are trying to identify and break down the barriers that are preventing further growth in the market. Building awareness and instilling confidence in rooftop owners by providing authoritative guidance is already reaping dividends. There is now 170MW of electricity being generated across 1200 UK installations and the first quarter of 2015 saw deployment double in comparison to the first quarter of 2014.

Yet, there is still work to be done. The latest DECC data shows that there are only 70 larger scale (250kW+) solar roofs installed across the UK and this is where additional Government support is required. More high profile schemes such as the installation at  Waitrose Leckford Dairy Estate are needed to encourage other well-known companies to adopt solar, reduce their carbon footprint and generate reliable, clean power.

The checklist, can be downloaded here and is applicable to all size of commercial rooftop installation from schools and small businesses to large supermarkets and factories.

If you are a commercial rooftop owner or manager of commercial space and are considering solar, get in touch with a member of the Hive Energy team via 01793 324 343

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