Solar Company Mark Group Goes Into Administration

Mark Group, a solar installer based in Leicester, has announced that over 900 jobs are at risk as the company goes into administration.

Mark Group employs around 1,165 people across the UK, and says that the Government is to blame for the move with its recent proposal [1] to cut the Feed-in Tariff for residential solar by 87%.

Mark Group was established in 1974 and is one of the largest employers in Leicestershire, with the amount of job losses expected comparable to half of the 2,200 jobs to be lost at the Redcar steel works.

Paul Barwell, CEO of the Solar Trade Association, said:

“This is terrible news for the UK solar industry. The consultation has not even closed, and businesses are already going under – despite the fact that the Government claim this is a ‘real’ consultation. Mark Group going into administration will also cause serious knock on effects in the supply chain.”

“Surely this will set alarm bells ringing for the Government?  Jobs matter, and there are 27,000 at stake. We are preparing alternative solutions and will be working with decision makers to discuss our alternative proposal for more structured, steady and workable reductions to support.”

This announcement follows the release of analysis by the STA suggesting that up to 27,000 solar jobs could be at risk nationwide due to the proposed cuts to the Feed-in Tariff.


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