We're taking the Government to court over solar cuts

Friends of the Earth is taking legal action over the Government's plans to slash financial incentives to households and communities who install solar electricity systems.

The environmental charity believes the proposals are unlawful - and they threaten jobs and existing projects too.

The court challenge was triggered when the Government failed last week to respond to a legal letter sent by the environmental campaigning charity.

An own goal
Last month the Government said it plans to impose lower feed-in tariff payments - cash given for generating green electricity through solar panels - on any installations completed after 12 December this year.

Friends of the Earth says this cut-off point, two weeks before the consultation ends, is unlawful and will lead to unfinished or planned projects being abandoned - and thousands of jobs put at risk.

With the current tariff, it's possible to pay back your solar investment in 10 years. At the new proposed rates it would take around 18 years to repay.

The Confederation of British industry (CBI) has described the Government's actions as an "own goal".

"Ministers have failed to listen to our concerns about the legality of their plans to slash solar subsidies - we have now been left with no choice but to take the Government to court." Craig Bennett, Campaigns Director, Friends of the Earth