Solarcentury Resigns from BPVA

Solarcentury has confirmed its resignation from the BPVA (British Photovoltaic Association). This followed the BPVA Chairman's attempts to intervene on the side of DECC (The Department of Energy and Climate Change) in the Appeal Court, an intervention which he failed to discuss first with Solarcentury.

In national media interviews and House of Commons exchanges today, both the Secretary of State and the Energy Minister praised BPVA for its support in the Appeal.

Derry Newman, CEO, Solarcentury said:

“We cannot understand how a trade body claiming to represent the best interests of the UK PV industry could have arrived at such a position, nor why the BPVA is supporting the right of the department to make retrospective changes to the feed-in tariff at any time, thus jeopardising all future investor interest in PV and other FIT technologies.  Of all trade bodies in this sector, the BPVA alone has allowed itself to be used in a classic Government "divide and rule" manoeuvre.  By contrast, other trade bodies including the Solar Trade Association and Renewable Energy Association have recognised what is at stake in this case and in particular, the disastrous long-term implications of DECC getting their way.“

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