Office Convergence Ltd Brings Compel Solar Interconnections to UK and Irish Markets

Compel’s photovoltaic division was founded in 2007 thanks to Compel’s intuition that renewable energy would be a future growth industry. Compel entered this market thanks to its know-how in the Telecoms applications field grown through the years, since its foundation in 1972.

In just a few years, with its complete and qualitative series of components - Junction Boxes and connectors - Compel gained a 60% Market Share in Italy and it has achieved a good position throughout the rest of Europe.

Compel is always on the cutting edge of technology and it is now focused on the integration of innovation and smart functionalities in the Junction boxes already developed.

Its leading position in the PV market allows it to cooperate with the most important worldwide technological partners in order to satisfy the evermore complex demand of the market.

UK market is an increasing market for the Photovoltaic industry and thanks to the collaboration with Office Convergence and being sure of the competitiveness of our portfolio we are ready to face this challenge.

Office Convergence Ltd. are a technological based company based in Northern Ireland. With extensive knowledge in communications, software development and electrical infrastructure, it is currently working with Compel to promote it's PV and Smart Grid technologies in the UK & Irish markets. Office Convergence can be contacted via +44 (0) 28 66480001 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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