Solar Energy Firm Wound Up - Leaving Customers Fuming

Homeowners are despairing of ever getting back the hundreds of pounds they gave a solar energy firm which has been wound up.

Residents of Burwell, Fordham and Kennett are among those who paid the Energy Saving Group (ESG) £500, expecting to be referred to a solar panel installer and receive subsidised or free panels.

Some requested a refund after nothing was installed, others were told their properties did not qualify under the £500 scheme and they would be refunded, but either way those refunds never arrived.

Geoff Cooper, of Toyse Lane in Burwell, signed a contract with Energy Saving Improvements Limited, which traded as ESG, in October 2010, but cancelled it and requested a refund in August or September 2011 because nothing had been installed.

He has not been repaid – and has all but given up hope of seeing his money again.

He said: “If they have gone into liquidation the only hope there can be is that we get pence back really. You don’t get that much back.”

Maureen and George Earl of North Street, Burwell, were told their properties no longer qualified under the £500 scheme but they would be refunded. Mrs George, 68, said they had paid the £500 on signing up in December 2010. A survey of their property was carried out and they received a rejection letter the following spring.

She said: “They said that our house was not suitable for panels because we have got dormer windows, which the salesman at the time should have known.”

Jim Paice, MP for South East Cambridgeshire, said: “I have grave concerns about the way this company has been operating and specifically that this has led to a number of my constituents losing a significant sum of money.

“I am continuing to pursue this matter with Trading Standards and with the Department of Energy and Climate Change.”

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