Solarcentury lands solar industry star as new CEO

Solarcentury, the UK’s most experienced solar energy company, has appointed Frans van den Heuvel as its new CEO. Van den Heuvel was previously CEO of Dutch solar photovoltaics company Scheuten Solar, 550 staff strong with a turnover of 300 million Euros in 2010.

Recently he led ProxEnergy, a solar installation company and developer of smart-grid products and services. The Dutchman brings over 13 years industry experience to Britain’s fastest growing energy company, which specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of solar electricity for buildings and solar parks.

Jeremy Leggett, Chairman of Solarcentury said:

"Frans is one of the most experienced CEOs in the downstream solar business, and has a gold-plated reputation in our industry. We’re thrilled to have landed his services. He has led huge growth in exactly the markets Solarcentury is targeting: building-integrated and building-applied solar, plus solar parks. He joins us at a time when solar prices are falling fast globally, meaning substantial markets will open up in the next few years; as a McKinsey report highlighted only last week.”

Leggett added: “He inherits a vision-led and battle-hardened team, with a strong pipeline of products and projects, just as the company has begun to expand into new markets. Together we bring a quarter of a century of solar experience to the marketplace, and a shared vision of building-integrated solar and the good it can bring to society. I am certain we can be a formidable team in advancing the interests of our company, our industry, and the planet."

Beginning his role on Tuesday 8th May, Frans van den Heuvel, CEO, Solarcentury added:

"I am delighted to join the team at Solarcentury, a skilled and strongly motivated team of professionals. Its strategy is much in line with the one I developed over the years in my previous roles. In this volatile industry, it is of major importance to continue to adapt to the ever-changing market situation. Although it is a tough time for many in the industry there are also many opportunities. I am determined to grasp these opportunities with my new team."

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