Solarcentury Netherlands is Launched

Solarcentury is expanding in Benelux after teaming up with Dutch solar and smart grid development company ProxEnergy. The launch of Solarcentury Netherlands comes a month after Solarcentury appointed the former founder and CEO of ProxEnergy, Frans Van den Heuvel.

Frans van den Heuvel, CEO, Solarcentury said:
“With ProxEnergy and Solarcentury now a joint force, we are one step closer to offering a full range of energy services; from energy creation through to ‘smart grid’ monitoring and storage. It’s hugely exciting to be able to do this as demand for intelligent energy services is increasing as we head to grid parity. Our combined experience is unique to Europe, if not globally. Needless to say, we are all looking forward to the next chapter in Solarcentury’s exciting history.”

Paul de Jong, Director of ProxEnergy added:
“Smart grid offerings are starting to make sense, as solar electricity generation shifts from creating revenue streams to energy services, focused on awareness and savings. There is great synergy between ProxEnergy and the recognised and innovative Solarcentury, first in the Netherlands with the new branch, and then beyond as we reach grid parity in most European countries”.

Solarcentury managers are now present in the Netherlands, and the Flanders Region of Belgium. The fastest growing energy company in the UK is continuing its development journey across Europe, today announcing is presence in The Netherlands, and the Flanders Region of Belgium.

The company’s international expansion began in 2007 with a dedicated branch in France dedicated to European French speaking countries including France, parts of Switzerland and the southern part of Belgium. In 2008, Solarcentury successfully expanded  into Italy.

Solarcentury Italy is based in Milan, with sales area managers across the country driving growth in commercial, large scales and residential PV projects. The company has ambitions to explore opportunities in Africa, The Pacific and Balkan regions.

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