Nationwide Installer Network To Offer Green Deal Support

For some years InstaGroup has been supported by a network of trained installers. Ed Andrews explains how the relationship works and how it benefits UK customers.

InstaGroup has been in partnership with the Snug Network of independent insulation and renewable technology installers for a decade. The Network has approximately 80 members which span the entire UK.

Recently the Network has been specialising in renewable technologies. This was a key step in preparing for the Green Deal and being able to offer customers a whole host of Green Deal Measures under one roof.

InstaGroup is a pioneer Green Deal Provider so it's important that our network can continue to support us in this capacity

An Example On How We Work
InstaGroup and a member of the Snug Network have just completed a 49 kWp Solar PV installation on a Grain Store.

Waldon Energy generated the lead while exhibiting at one of the many renewable energy events they attend with InstaGroup. We then selected which installer would be most appropriate to do the work.

The installation took just over a week to complete. We were blessed with very good weather so commissioning the site in time for the August Feed-in Tariff drop was no problem.

Local, Greener, Better
The Networks' strap line is 'Local, Greener, Better'. We are proud to be able to offer our customers local installers, thanks to the Snug Network, wherever the job may be.

We have every confidence in the ability of our local installers, because every member of the Network receives the same training. In this way they become 'approved installers'.

As we near the launch of the Green Deal the Snug Network will play a key role in providing customers across the UK with all the Green Deal services

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