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See Community Solar Power in Action!

Ben Whittle, our Project Engineer, has set up a live feed of the Leominster Solar Co-op PV installation

Ben Whittle, Project Engineer at Greenearth Energy and a founding member of the Leominster Solar Co-op, has helped launch a live feed of the Co-op's Solar PV system's performance.  This 49kW solar array on the Halo Bridge Street Sports Centre in Leominster is a first for Herefordshire; a wholly community owned renewable energy project and one of the largest solar roofs in the county.

The solar monitoring equipement has only recently been fully configured which is why the monthly graphs only start in mid October, but you can now have up-to-the minute data, so real time you can almost spot the clouds passing overhead!

Congratulations to Ben and the team for getting feed set-up - now the 94 people who joined in the Leominster Solar Co-op can keep a close eye on their investments!


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