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Barretts Department Store Helps Generate 1000kwh of Green Energy

Barretts are excited and proud to announce that we recently passed the milestone of generating 1000kWh (or one mega watt hour)!  This event was captured on the East Green energy display board in the Barretts showroom, which also shows instantaneous electricity generated, and total Co2 saved to date, already over half a tonne.

East Green Energy Sales Director Linda Grave was delighted with the partnership with Barretts:

“We were thrilled to be invited to work with the biggest store in Woodbridge.  Barretts have such a strong reputation, and their commitment to a cleaner environment was clear to us from the start.  The need for greater adoption of renewal energy sources is becoming ever more compelling, with a costly and shrinking fossil fuel supply in the UK leading to rising energy costs.  Companies like Barretts are clearly doing their part to become much greener!

Those installing Solar PV are not only able to benefit from the ability to utilise the free electricity, but are also able to claim the Government Feed-in Tariff paid to them for 20 years. This high profile collaboration has been great for us, and by having one of their beautiful sofas in our showroom, we are able to promote their store here as well.”

Jill Barrett was also really pleased by hitting the mega watt target, “I can’t wait for the sun to come back so we can generate a lot more!  Becoming a greener business is very important to us, and teaming up with East Green Energy was an easy decision.  They were professional, so helpful and very quick once we gave the go-ahead.  They are also local, and shopping local is obviously something we are very keen on!  We’ve had so many lovely comments on the display, which is right above our till in the main showroom.  Our customers are always amazed about the solar panels, as you can’t see them at all from the ground and it helps bring home the need to ‘Go Green’.  Whilst we will always keep some things about Barretts exactly the same, like our traditional friendly expert service, we will always strive to become a friendlier company to the environment.”

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