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Planning Approved for 20MW Solar Farm in Dorset

British Solar Renewables Limited has successfully secured planning permission for a 20MW solar farm on land attached to a waste management and recycling facility close to Bournemouth International Airport in Parley, Dorset.

When complete, the project will produce enough clean energy to power the equivalent of 5000 average households.  

The 120-acre solar farm will incorporate solar panels mounted on steel frames and arranged in rows. The total maximum height of the structures will be 2.9m. The site boundary consists of established woodland and hedges which provide natural screening. British Solar Renewables has also developed a long-term landscape and environment strategy for the site which includes native hedgerow planting to further minimise visual impact, encourage biodiversity and complement the existing mature landscape features.

Angus Macdonald, Managing Director at British Renewables said “We are very thrilled to have received approval for this project. Not only does it offer an opportunity to generate significant clean energy for the area, but also to balance this with encouraging biodiversity.”

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