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Alan Bartlett and Sons install the Largest Roof Mounted Solar Panel System in the UK

Alan Bartlett and Sons has commissioned the construction of the largest privately owned, roof mounted solar panel installation for self-use in the UK.

The company acquired its Chatteris site in 1968, which has since been developed into a cutting edge produce processing and packaging facility for onward sale to leading UK supermarkets.

Integral to the companyʼs business strategy is a commitment to environmental sustainability. The companyʼs continuous drive to reduce their carbon footprint is aligned with the environmental strategies of their primary customers.

Alan Bartlett and Sonsʼ £1m investment in over 4,000 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels will generate up to 1.2 Megawatts of on-site energy resulting in a significant reduction in electricity bills during the 25 year lifespan of the equipment.

Andrew Foster, Finance Director, Alan Bartlett and Sons said:
“The solar panel installation at the Chatteris factory is a significant investment for the company. The installation will achieve material cost savings for the business and at the same time greatly contribute to our carbon footprint reduction ambitions.

Adrian Weatherby, Sales & Marketing Director, Ardenham Energy comments:
“Itʼs been a great experience being able to work with Alan Bartlett and Sons on this complex project. Our in house expertise in commercial renewable energy solutions enabled us to provide the business with a bespoke package, from the design and supply, right through to the installation, which resulted in us installing the largest privately owned roof mounted solar PV array installation for ʻself consumptionʼ in the UK.”

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