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149.94kWp PV Overroof System Installed by Solinium

Established in 1978 by a group of Hampshire farmers, Hampshire Grain is a major supplier to local flour mills, national maltsters and the export trade based in Southampton. Hampshire grain has a storage and process capacity of up to 60,000 tons of grain – making it the market leader in this area of the country.

With a high requirement for electrical energy and a keen awareness of the environment around them, a solar array to cater for the daily demand including all the benefits this brings was the ideal solution.

Hampshire Grain came to Solinium in April 2013 with the project, and our technical teams calculated that a 149.94kWp system would satisfy the requirements and fit on two of the south facing grain store roofs.

Due to the nature of a grain store and the vital need to keep the roof intact and waterproof, our PV OverRoof System was the selected fixing method.

This project was planned in close co-ordination alongside other contractors changing all of the original asbestos roofing sheets and required special preparation. The full over roof installation comprised of 612 panels across a 35 degree roof pitch.

After 20 years, this array will have reduced the grain store’s CO2 emissions by 1462.7 tons when compared to conventional electricity production over the same time period. An equivalent of 73 articulated lorries fully loaded with of fossil fuel carbon.

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