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Apex Energy Solutions Launch Powerflow The New Energy Saving Device

PowerflowApex Energy Solutions launch Powerflow a new energy saving product that uses the exported PV generated power and diverts it into loads such as Immersion heaters and electric panel heaters.

If you have a micro generation system (PV, Wind, Biomass) the chances are at times you generate more energy than you are consuming. This energy is currently exported into the grid, known as 'export'.

The Powerflow unit helps you use this energy by diverting it automatically into systems such as immersion heaters, electric panel heater or electric towel rail. (3kW and 6kW versions)

This helps maximise the benefit of the generation you have and further reduces the pay back period, maximising your investment. This does not affect your 50/50 export tariff.

PowerFlow can be installed as a retrofit product, at the same time as the Solar PV or Biomass installation.
The unit is easy and quick to install and is connected in series with a heating load, typically in the consumer unit.
A sensor connected to the PowerFlow unit will automatically detect when the energy is being exported and then automatically diverts this energy into any resistive load such as a panel heater, towel rail or immersion heater.

The unit proportionally supplies only the amount of excess generation, so it will not draw power from the grid unless there is a requirement to use the boost or bypass function.

FREE hot water or electric heating will maximise your renewable investment.

Using patented F point technology the unit is one of the most efficient and highest performing units on the market.

Powerflow complies with all relevant standards including Flicker and EMI/EMC standards.

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