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Leeds City Centre Solar System is Hot Stuff

A NEW solar panel system on a car park roof in Leeds is the largest in any UK city. Town Centre Securities launched the system on the seventh floor of its Clarence Dock multi-storey, next to the Royal Armouries.

The firm has worked with Rex Procter & Partners and GMI Renewable Energy Group to construct the “unique” system, which utilises an array of tubular panels instead of flat ones. This makes them more efficient.

The photovoltaic system can even withstand 130mph winds and a battering by 25mm hailstones.

Paul Osborne, operations and maintenance manager at GMI, told the YEP: “This is the largest city centre solar array for this country.”

He said it was installed without drilling into the roof’s waterproof membrane and panels could be clipped into place. The system was designed in California and will supply 15 per cent of the car park’s electricity requirements, feeding any excess power into the National Grid, said Mr Osborne.

Designed to benefit from the Government’s feed-in tariff system, the Clarence Dock array will generate 2,450,000Kwh of electricity over the next 25 years, giving an income of £1.25m and saving £250,000 in electricity purchase costs.

Mr Osborne said: “This sort of thing really does make a difference, offsetting the carbon footprint.”

Ben Ziff, managing director of Town Centre Car Parks, said: “As a member of the younger generation of our business, I am very keen to introduce ideas that are sustainable and make economic sense.”

Source: Yorkshire Evening Post


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