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Historic Liverpool Company Installs 19.50kWp Solar PV System

Renewable specialist, TGE Group has been appointed by RS Clare, Liverpool’s oldest manufacturing business, to design and install renewable technologies for the business’s head office in Stanhope Street. 

The new systems will provide renewable heat and energy to help meet RS Clare’s low carbon approach to lower energy costs and a better working environment for its employees.

R S Clare & Co Ltd was founded in Liverpool in 1748 at the start of the Industrial Revolution and is the longest established company manufacturing lubricants in the United Kingdom.  The company has thrived for two and a half centuries, successfully embracing new technologies and adapting to market opportunities.

TGE Group conducted an initial energy and site survey from which it was able to make recommendations on renewable technologies that would best suit the buildings and their energy uses, whilst generating additional revenues through government incentive schemes.  The audit also identified the opportunity for immediate savings of more than 4% to the company’s energy bill by better energy buying. 

A new 19.50kWp solar PV system was installed on one of the warehouse roofs, which included wireless monitoring to ensure it performed at its peak capacity.  The installation is already set to save more than 9 tonnes of CO2 a year and a return on investment of more than 10.3%.

The second phase of the programme saw TGE Group installed a 60kW ground source heat pump, using 800m bore holes, to provide 132,000kWh of heating and 72,000kWh cooling to the warehouse and new build offices.

Both systems are managed by TGE Group who also advised on energy efficient lighting alongside measures to reduce waste energy and educate employees about energy use.  The new heat pump brings an expected income from the Renewable Heat Incentive of around £8,200 p/a which means the investment will be paid back in 8 years.

Stephen Davies, Commercial Director at TGE Group, comments: “This is a great example of how renewables can be tailored to suit a business’s needs and how they can easily sit alongside established operations.  The programme at RS Clare has not only achieved CO2 savings but also brought energy savings and a new income stream for the business.” 

Ian Meadows, Chairman of RS Clare, adds: "Using renewables has made a huge difference to not only the working environment, as it’s a warmer and more comfortable place to work for our staff, but it’s also helped save the business money.  It is important to adapt and modernise as new technologies develop. In doing so, our company is now more energy efficient and we are better placed to manage our energy costs for years to come."

TGE Group provides renewable energy systems for clients in the domestic, commercial, agricultural and public sectors offering solar, biomass and heat pumps to help customers reduce energy costs.  The broad range of products also compliments their existing energy management and distribution services.  Headquartered in Cheshire with regional offices across the UK, TGE Group now employs more than 70 people and runs highly trained, installation teams across the country.


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