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Sunny Outlook For Engineering Firm

TGE Group, one the UK’s leading suppliers of renewable energy and heat systems, has completed the installation of a 950-panel installation on top of Salop Design & Engineering’s metalworking plant in Shrewsbury.  

The installation, which was completed within 4 weeks, is among the largest roof-based solar farms in Shropshire and forms part of Salop Design & Engineering’s £1.5 million investment in a state-of-the-art powder coating line.

TGE Group designed and installed the system in order to reduce Salop Design’s £30,000 a month energy bill.  The six figure project was undertaken alongside the redevelopment of the factory in order to reduce disruption to the company’s operations as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of pressings and assemblies.

The 250Kw system will save 88 tonnes of carbon a year, or 1,760 tonnes over the 20-year Feed-in-Tariff contract period – the equivalent of 10,566 double decker buses or 9.5 million air miles.

Christopher Greenough, director of Salop Design & Engineering in Shrewsbury, comments:  “As energy is our third biggest spend we have been looking at ways of reducing these costs in order to improve efficiencies to our operations.  Initial figures suggest that we’re on track to be saving at least 10% of our energy bill just thanks to this solar installation.”

Stephen Davies, commercial director at TGE Group, adds: “This is a flagship installation as it not only reduces energy costs but also generates an income stream for the business by simply using wasted commercial roof space.  More companies should take notice of this system as there are literally millions of square feet of wasted commercial roof space across the country and we have schemes available to help companies secure the funding needed to convert their roof space into energy generators .”

Earlier this year changes were announced to the Town and County Planning Order that mean that commercial premises can now install or alter solar PV equipment on their non-domestic premises under permitted development guidelines, and therefore without planning permission.  

The decision to ease the access to the millions of square feet of south facing commercial roof space available in the UK is a further boost to the solar industry that has already seen the cost of panels fall by more than a third over recent years.

TGE Group was chosen for this project as it has a strong track record in delivering successful commercial renewable projects. The company covers all renewable energy technologies including solar, biomass and heat pumps to help customers reduce energy costs.  The broad range of products also compliments their existing energy management and distribution services.

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