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OPDE Starts The Construction Of Three New Solar Farms

With the new projects, the multinational will reach 70 MW of operational capacity in the country, which consolidates OPDE as one of the Leading companies in  the photovoltaic sector with 7 large scale solar farms.

The multinational OPDE, who specialise in the development, construction and operation of photovoltaic farms, started construction works on three new photovoltaic plants located in England. The new installations will reach a combined capacity of 30 MW with an electrical generation sufficient to power 12.375

The new Solar farms are located near the towns of Colston Bassett, Nottinghamshire; Crewkerne, Somerset; and in Iwade near Sittingbourne, Kent. The three solar farms will be connected to the grid between December 2015 and March 2016, each plant will produce approximately 10,000 MWh per year.

The construction of the three new solar farms in England consolidates OPDE ́s leadership in the development and operation of photovoltaic farms in United Kingdom. Once the new solar farms are connected to the grid, the company will have accumulated 69.8 MWp  of  installed  photovoltaic  capacity  in  the  United  Kingdom,  distributed  in seven projects, mostly located in the southern England.

“Our success in European markets has enabled us to expand significantly and undertake an internationalisation process, especially successful in United Kingdom, a country  where  we  have  developed  and  built  seven  outstanding  photovoltaic  farms  of  remarkable  dimension.  We  are  very  proud  of  the  results  we  have  obtained  in  this market”, the multinational underlines.


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