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Solar Panel Pod from JCE Energy

jceJCE Energy recently launched what could be a world's first using solar energy in remote areas of the globe.

The solar panel pod, takes rays from the sun and converts them to energy in the form of units of electricity.   Among the  industries to which it could prove most useful are  those with bases  in unmanned locations where explosive gases are likely to be present -  including oil-wells, pumping stations, production facilities, effluent plants and fuel storage, to name but a few. These locations lack conventional power and sourcing labour is difficult.

The easily-assembled, transportable SPP is basically a compact solar power supply unit which comes with a solar panel to convert solar energy into electricity. It has a battery pack to store energy during periods of darkness or shade, and a solar control unit- providing battery management, monitoring and protection. The control unit can also include power conversion to provide regulated ac or dc output if required.

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