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Europe's Largest Optimised Ground Array Installed in 3 Weeks

Award winning company, Solar Advanced Systems, have again led the market by completing Europe's most efficient Solar Farm in collaboration with LHW partnership.

The site boasts Solar Edge optimised 315wp JA Solar Modules, coupled to Solar Edge 27.6 Inverters. The whole site was delivered is just three weeks from green field to a fully operational system.

LHW Partnership, chose to collaborate with Solar Advanced Systems to carry out the EPC after seeing their design and install prowess on other projects throughout the UK.

Nick Porter (Managing Director) of Solar Advanced Systems commented, “We are proud to have delivered this project. It is a great achievement and really shows what our company is capable of in these challenging times”. We are also pleased to announce that we will be delivering several more optimised sites throughout the UK this year as the shift to intelligent solar takes hold.

The fully optimised system is currently the largest in Europe, and possibly the world, has been designed for the higher generation, increased up time and detailed monitoring.

Solar Advanced Systems are also pleased to announce that they were able to fulfil 100% of their Obligated Solar PV projects before the 31st March gaining further confidence with their clients and project funders.


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