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Ashton Gate Stadium Partners with Bristol City Council in Solar PV Project

Solar PV panels and a biofuel boiler designed to help reduce the stadium’s carbon emissions by 20% have been installed during its £45million rebuild.

Martin Griffiths, chairman of, Bristol Sport, said: “We’ve worked hard to design, build and operate a socially responsible venue for the city. As well as being home to the two largest sports teams in the area, we also host numerous conferences and events every day. The installation of Solar PV helps ensure we’re being environmentally friendly while also cutting down on operating costs.”

The solar PV partnership with the council is predicted to save the stadium £150,000 over 20 years on its energy bill, while allowing the council to recuperate the costs of the system and make a small surplus.

Helen Holland, Cabinet Member for Place with responsibility for Energy, said: “One of the Mayor’s campaign promises was to put Bristol on course to run entirely on clean energy by 2050. The City Council can’t achieve this by ourselves, so working with partners like Bristol Sport is going to be essential if we’re going to hit our goal.

“Ashton Gate is such an important venue for football and rugby fans in Bristol. Working with Bristol Sport during their amazing transformation of the stadium sends a really strong message that it makes commercial sense for high energy consuming businesses to install renewables onsite, and Bristol City Council can help with that.”

The 117 kW solar PV system consisting of 460 solar panels was supplied and installed on the West Stand of the stadium by Nottinghamshire-based EvoEnergy and is expected to generate 95,090 kWh per year. That is equivalent to powering 23 average energy-use homes for a whole year. Due to the stadium’s size and activities, all of the electricity generated from the rooftop system is expected to be used on site.

James Sutton, Commercial Project Manager at EvoEnergy, said: “We’re pleased to be supporting Bristol City Council’s campaign to encourage more businesses to choose solar, with the installation of a 460-panel system at Ashton Gate. It’s a great example of how partnerships can work, and complements the other energy efficient measures the stadium has implemented in order to reduce its carbon footprint.”


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