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EOS Energy complete record breaking solar farm project

EOS Energy has successfully completed a solar farm project at Hendra Holiday Park in Cornwall in just 7 weeks. The £3m solar farm now produces 1.15MW of clean, renewable solar power - enough to power 400 residential homes!

EOS Energy's Managing Director, Gary Summers commented, "EOS Energy were so confident of success that we put £200,000 on the table, which we would lose if we did not connect up on the target date of 8th July."

The installation is the fastest of its size on British soil. And so far, under the FIT Scheme, this is the largest installation by a wholly British owned and manned contractor.

The speed of installation was made possible by the use of the company's innovative and easy to use BritSol mounting system, which is manufactured in the company's Warwickshire headquarters.

The client quoted "You have done everything you said you would. I would like to take the opportunity to express our complete satisfaction with the way the EOS Energy have performed during the project and we would not hesitate to provide a recommendation to any of your prospective customers. I would also like to highlight that it was the professionalism and engineering approach that the team brought to the table initially that convinced us that EOS Energy was the right choice. Your Contract Manager has been a credit to EOS Energy in the way that he has managed the site and dealt with the inevitable and countless problems thrown at him by such a project. Also your Electrical Engineer has received high praise from our HV installer which does not come lightly for his work on the electrical side, which we would echo."

It is a double win for the environmental goals of Hendra and EOS Energy. Not only will this array provide clean, renewable energy to help make Hendra the greenest holiday park in the UK, but the local planning authority was full of praise for the installation too. The planners made the distinction between this site and the many others being installed in the region; citing the focus on end user engagement and sound sustainable practise as key reasons for gaining approval.

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