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Solar Energy to Bring Big Savings for County Council

Staffordshire County Council is embracing renewable energy technology to save money across the county. Following a decision made by Cabinet, solar pv (photo-voltaic) panels will be installed on up to 20 council properties across Staffordshire by April 2012.

The scheme will save £27,000 in electricity bills each year and puts Staffordshire at the forefront of renewable technology use.

Alongside the range of existing and planned biomass boiler installations and the exceptional energy efficiency of Staffordshire Place, the use of renewable energy will cut the council’s carbon emissions by 200 tonnes per year.

The scheme will benefit from the government’s Feed In Tariffs (FiTs) which are due to be cut after April 2012.

Staffordshire County Councillor Mark Winnington, Cabinet Member for Environment and Assets, said the scheme was a clear demonstration of the council’s commitment to innovation.

“We want to make sure we take every opportunity to bring benefits to the people of Staffordshire, and by investing in solar panels on our buildings we can do just that.

“Solar power offers a big win for taxpayers: it saves us money and reduces our dependence on the energy grid. Combined with biomass heating and the hugely energy efficient Staffordshire Place, we are leading the way in value for money and renewable innovation.

“We will be working with local private companies to install the panels, which boosts the local economy.” he added.

£1 million from the council’s Corporate Priorities Fund will be invested in the scheme with the investment being paid back within six years.

No schools are to be included in this project as a separate scheme for school solar pv installation is being pursued.

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