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Mears wins 20 million Photovoltaic solar panel installation contract in Peterborough

Mears is pleased to announce the award of a Photovoltaic ("PV") solar panel installation contract in Peterborough which it believes to be the largest Social Housing PV scheme in the UK.

The contract award, won with Mears' partner British Gas, is with Cross Keys Homes in Peterborough and will see PV panels fitted to in excess of 3,500 homes.

The installation costs are being funded by British Gas as a part of a Feeding in Tariff ("FIT") scheme over a 25 year period.

Mears will be carrying out a significant proportion of the installations, as well as all associated works such as scaffolding and electrical components. This scheme will see the first PV fitted in September 2011, with all works completed by April 2012.The Group has valued its share of the contract to be in the region of 20 million.

Commenting, David Miles, Chief Executive, Mears Group, said:

"We see increasing opportunities in this area into 2012, particularly as the 'Green deal' and other energy efficiency measures come into play. Cross Keys will provide us an important reference site to lead our drive into this emerging energy opportunity as we continue to successfully leverage our partnership with British Gas, which gives us access to both funding and expertise in this area."


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