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Tourism affected by solar park bid

PLANS to create the UK's largest solar park in Pembrey would cause the area's tourism scene to be disjointed, it is claimed.

Inazin Solar, based in Cirencester, held a four-hour public exhibition to gauge views on its plans to build a 40MW park on land to the north and south of Pembrey Circuit and Pembrey Airport.

The application, still at its preliminary stage, would mean 160,000 solar panels would be put in place to power enough energy for around 12,000 homes in the area.

Robin Cammish, for Coedbach Action Team, attended the meeting to gather information on the plans.


He said: "The core issue at hand is that Pembrey Peninsula is a strategic area for Carmarthenshire Council tourism development.

"One side of the area is the country park and Cefn Sidan and the other is Ffos Las racecourse, as well as Burry Port developments.

"It is not fully joined up yet and the last piece would have been for commercial and tourism development.

"If you take that out of the picture the whole area gets to a critical mass and would be disjointed, but that is for Carmarthenshire Council to decide.

"If 215 acres are fenced off with security cameras we won't be able to do anything with that land for 30 years."

Mr Cammish said the action team would now feed back facts to residents.

"Judging from early feedback I think we will be sharpening our spears," he said.

"People really do not think there should be a development that big."

Inazin Solar accounts manager James Owen said the area had been chosen because of its excellent energy-generating opportunities and the industrial environment.

He added the land would be rented, meaning money would go directly into Carmarthenshire Council's coffers.

He said: "They are not invisible, but they are not intrusive. It is not a way of riding roughshod over the residents in the area and it is more of a collaborative effort."

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