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Solar takes over the Scilly’s with Plug into the Sun

Homes, businesses and schools on the Isles of Scilly have had a record number of solar PV installations fitted in the last five months by Penzance based solar PV company, Plug into the Sun.

The islanders have taken advantage of the highest sunshine levels in the UK along with the government backed Feed In Tariff , to make the most of their new solar panels.

St Agnes Island can now boast to have installed proportionately the highest concentration of solar per community anywhere in the UK.

A 10kWp roof integrated system on the newly built Five Islands School was the latest project for Plug into the Sun on St Marys which completed the solar installations on all the Five Island School sites.

Bursar and estate manager from Five Islands School, Caroline King said:” It is part of a sustainable vision which has been extended to all our school sites. It underpins what is taught across all the key stages to students and is also part of the BSF (building schools for the future remit).

“Public buildings of a certain size have to have a display energy certificate and demonstrate improvement in carbon emissions. It is important that our school leads the way for future generations and sets an example to protect the Island’s environment from rising sea levels.”

The 10kWp installation had an innovative new roof integrated system manufactured in Germany by SOLON. The all black modules blend in fantastically with the slate and are flush with the roof to provide a very pleasing look.

The latest school installation will save over 5 Tonnes of CO2 per year and will also power up to 100 computers.

Data logging from the other Five Islands School installations have already shown excellent results and Andrew Tanner, Managing director from Plug into the Sun said that the outputs clearly showed how fantastic the light levels are on the islands and how well the systems are performing.

Andrew added: “The exposed nature of the islands has had extra challenges for us, but the panels we use are of top quality and designed to withstand high levels of salt and winds up to 100mph.”

The Penzance based company faced tough winter conditions whilst installing the combined total of a 70kWp system on roofs on the islands.

Customers to benefit from solar power include Troy Town Farm, which is also the most south westerly property in the UK to have solar PV and also 28 Miles, a family business dedicated to using natural flower oils for their handmade soaps.

Michael Hicks, the owner of 28 Miles said that he wanted solar as it was a good return on the investment and also to do their bit to produce green energy.

Michael said : “It’s nice to have it on the roof of the barn where the still we use to produce the essential oils sits!”

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