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Sherwood Cricket Club Goes Green with Freetricity plc

Sherwood Cricket Club is proud to announce that as part of an ongoing programme to become more energy efficient, is has installed a series of thirty-six solar panels at the ground with the help of solar energy firm, Freetricity plc.

Tony Rossiter, Chairman - Sherwood CC commented “We have an ongoing programme to be more energy efficient as a club, and the installation of solar panels from Freetricity plc is the first step for the club in reducing our energy costs. With the price of electricity, gas and water increasing, it is vital that we look at the longer-term benefits of renewable energy and alternative sources for our energy and water usage in addition to reducing our club’s carbon footprint.”

“Sherwood Cricket Club has been at the forefront of development in recent years in the Medway District and within the Kent Cricket Board and is a model of a club which is looking ahead and planning for sustaining its future.” said Peter Robinson, Director of Kent Cricket Board and Chair of the Kent Groundsman’s Association, “They have made significant ground improvements and now have installed solar pv panels to reduce their running costs. This kind of initiative to minimise its carbon footprint and establish a reputation in the community for providing opportunities for participation in cricket at the best value possible is a great credit to the Club.”

“Cricket clubs play a key part in sustaining the green agenda in their communities. Hectare for hectare, turf grass will sequester more carbon into the soil each year than the same area of woodland. The maintenance regime operated by cricket clubs on their playing surfaces is vital to the annual oxygen production and carbon dioxide fixation. A healthy grass sward is vital to carbon sequestration - the process of removing carbon from the atmosphere and depositing it in the soil reservoir.

Sherwood Cricket Club is ahead of the curve in having an impact on the health of their community” said Peter Robinson.

“We are delighted to have supplied and installed the solar pv system at Sherwood” said Dave Compton, Sales and Marketing Director at Freetricity plc. “They are the first cricket club in Kent to have the benefit of the Freetricity system and we look forward to working with them to gain the full benefits from the installation.”

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