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Dorset's Largest Solar Power Station Powers Up

Renewable energy expertise in the south is in the spotlight with the official opening of one of the largest solar power stations in the country.

Slepe Farm, near Poole, is the largest of its kind in Dorset and unlike similar projects, which have been managed by teams from outside the UK, Slepe Farm has been masterminded entirely by specialist local firms.

Located on Dorchester Road, the substantial 498.4kWp ground-mounted solar PV system is made of 1,780 Dimplex polycrystalline photovoltaic modules solar panels and can generate over 505,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year - the equivalent to the electricity consumed by around 200 average UK households.

Mark Simon, owner of Farm Power, commissioned the project, which was designed and managed by national energy solutions company Anesco.

Adrian Pike, CEO of Anesco, explains: “Unlike other solar power stations, Slepe Farm has been commissioned, designed, supplied and built entirely by UK teams from across the south of England. It really shows how the southern counties are driving ahead as leaders in the green energy sector, something also having a knock-on effect for local communities, through the creation of jobs.

”We have manufacturers such as Dimplex, who are leaders in renewable technologies, pioneering operators like Farm Power, and the experienced team at Anesco, who can all bring their expertise together to complete ground breaking projects such as this.”

Farm Power managing director, Mark Simon, said: “At Slepe Farm, we have had outstanding partners in our tirelessly supportive landlord, Mr Selby Bennett; our calm and efficient contractor, Anesco, and the local network operator, Scottish & Southern Energy. We are very proud that the commissioning of our anchor site at Slepe Farm has been such a success.”

He added: “Farm Power is acting quickly to implement solar and other renewable generation capacity in otherwise redundant sites, close to users, where the electricity can be efficiently and non-disruptively generated.”

The renewable energy sector continues to thrive in the southern counties. Anesco has recruited over 80 people in the last six months, with a further 150 expected to be recruited this year.

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