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School Gets Free Solar PV System from Upbeat Energy

Upbeat Energy has installed a free solar PV system on the Oakington Cof E Primary School. When eCoton,the Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership group in Coton, organised a solar PV bulk purchase project last year, we offered a free system on a local school by way of a gift to the community.

Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to install a system on the original school to which the gift was offered and so eCoton began to look for an alternative venue. Oakington Cof E Primary School is an Eco School and a parent who is a member of the school's Eco Committee made the Headteacher aware of the offer. Fifteen community groups in all expressed an interest in the offer of the PV system and Oakington Cof E Primary School was extremely fortunate in being been initially shortlisted and then chosen.

As an Eco School this is important to the school as particularly as the school's Action Plan focus for next term is on energy and the children will be able to learn at first hand about the benefits of using solar power and find out how a PV system works. The school will own the PV and receive the FiTs just as if it had bought the system itself. We were extremely happy to see so many happy people when the system was switched on.

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