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Solar PV for Mole Valley Farmers’ Stores

Source Renewable has secured the contract to fit large solar PV arrays on six Mole Valley Farmers (MVF) Stores in  Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, providing clean green energy that will help the stores run more sustainably.

Source, a family-run business, worked with MVF to not only lower its carbon footprint considerably, but also reduce its electricity bills and generate more than a 10 per cent return on its investment per year.

Solar PV in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset
The company installed more than 700 solar panels on the six stores at South Molton, Cullompton, Newton Abbott, Frome, Liskeard, and St Columb, totalling 180 kW of electricity capacity.

“We’ve been helping Mole Valley Farmers’ customers make the most of renewable energy for almost two years now,” said Laurie Eve, managing director of Source Renewable, “so it’s great news that we’re about to make their stores more sustainable too.”

Source began work on the first store at Cullompton at the beginning of July and completed all of the work before the end of July.  In total, the six solar PV systems provide enough electricity to power the equivalent of more than 40 houses and reduce Mole Valley Farmers’ CO2 emissions by more than 70 tonnes per year.

12 per cent return on investment per year
“With the rising cost of fossil fuels, renewable energy is not only the sensible decision for most farmers and landowners, but it’s also an excellent investment,” added Laurie.  “The continually lowering price of systems means that solar PV still offers an exceptional rate of return, and we’re finding that the majority of our commercial systems are still offering a 12 per cent return on investment each year.”

Mole Valley Farmers’ Business Manager Andy Taplin said: “This solar PV programme is extremely important to Mole Valley Farmers, and it demonstrates our commitment to reduce our own carbon emissions and generate our energy from renewable sources.

“We’ve been supplying renewable energy systems to our members for the last couple of years, and using Source Renewable as one of our preferred partners to do the installations.  Mole Valley Farmers set up Mole Energy with a dedicated renewable energy sector because it not only makes economic and environmental sense for our customers to create their own energy, but also it helps protect them against rising energy costs.

Excellent solar PV installations
“Source Renewable has demonstrated excellent customer service, attention to detail, and a willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ in the projects that they have completed for our members,” added Andy. “This fits perfectly with the way Mole Valley Farmers operates.”

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