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Frozen food company’s solar switch to save thousands

A Burnley frozen meal company is set to slash its energy bills after having solar panels installed on the roof of its premises. Wiltshire Farm Foods, based on Billington Road Industrial Estate, has had 40 solar PV panels fitted by Lancashire company Solarlec.

The commercial solar system is set to save the company more than £31,631in electricity bills over the next 25 years, as well as earning them a predicted £52,911 in cash back over a 25-year period thanks to the government feed-in tariff scheme.

The combined savings and cash back amount to an estimated financial benefit to the company of £2416 per year – an incredible £84,000 over 25 years.

Wiltshire Farm Foods, which distributes frozen meals to elderly customers across the UK, runs refrigeration units 24 hours a day – which previously generated huge electricity bills and had a harmful effect on the environment.

The company can now use every unit of energy produced by its solar panels to power the fridges during daylight hours.

Will Dwyfor-Jones from Wiltshire Farm Foods said: “I’ve always had a strong interest in greener issues and particularly renewable energy but it was never a financially viable option until the feed-in tariff was introduced and the panels themselves came down in price.

“Dealing with Solarlec has been a completely painless and stress-free experience, I’d recommend them to other companies considering solar, especially if electricity bills are such a huge outgoing for them too.”

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