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The New DLX Inverter from Danfoss is Trusted to Deliver on all Counts

With the European launch of the Danfoss DLX inverter underway, customers are now experiencing the benefits of its world-class efficiency, intuitive interface, integrated monitoring and the flexibility of indoor or outdoor mounting.

“It’s the ultimate residential inverter solution,” says Product Manager, Preben Deutschbein Jessen.

 “With the DLX, we’ve built an inverter that delivers world-beating efficiency and is built with the best quality components. It’s made to keep delivering savings for the lifetime of the unit,” says Preben.

Customers want effective solutions that last,” states Preben.  

“Efficiency is just one parameter that’s influencing customer choice. Everyone understands that maximum efficiency data can be used for comparison and to give the end-user the best chance of maximum yield,” says Preben.

“But it’s details like the DLX’s colour screen, integrated monitoring and ease and flexibility of installation that are really making the difference, as installers and end-users demand more from their inverter solutions,” he adds.  

Eye-catching display and integrated monitoring
The DLX’s colour display is unique and it’s always the first thing people notice. With simple, intuitive graphics, the interface is fast to learn and easy to use for both installer and user.

“It’s actually the visible part of a sophisticated integrated monitoring system,” explains Preben.

“With integrated monitoring you just hook up the DLX to your router and your PC. There are no extra boxes, no extra data logger. This makes setting up faster and looks better when you’re installing inside, as there’s less visual clutter,” says Preben.  

Production data is also stored in the inverter. “Given the quality of the components in the DLX, we thought we’d better be on the safe side, so we made provision for storing up to 30 years of data,” smiles Preben.  

Ideal for indoor or outdoor mounting
The DLX simply looks different. Designed to fit in with modern interiors, its warm grey tone harmonises with any design style. The shape of the inverter is subtly curved to give a slimmer appearance – lines are softened.  

A solution you can trust
“The DLX is really top-quality in every aspect. It’s important for our customers to have confidence in our products. Their customers in turn are making a valuable investment and need to trust the solution they have been recommended,” says Preben.

“With a DLX you get more than just a great inverter – you get the backup and confidence that comes from dealing with a company like Danfoss. With our 80 years heritage, 40 years in power electronics and 10 years in solar, we know how to do things properly.

We keep our promises and stick by our customers today and tomorrow,” concludes Preben.

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