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SolarMax Presents the New HT Series String Inverters for Commercial and Industrial Solar Plant

In the face of continuing reductions in subsidies, PV plant planners have the challenge of delivering cost-optimized systems which will provide high levels of availability and efficiency, in turn delivering good returns.

Against this background, SolarMax proudly presents the new HT series string inverters for commercial and industrial solar plants.

The SolarMax HT series will be available in three models: 30 kW (30HT4) and 32 kW (32HT4) output each with four MPP trackers, and 32kW (32HT2) output with two MPP trackers. Thanks to the multi-tracking concept, the optimum operation of each individual part generator is guaranteed, even with highly complex system configurations and partial shading. The gaps between the rows of the individual modules can be reduced to increase the yields from the available surface area. The large input voltage range and IP65 protection class provide additional flexibility when planning the plant.

HT inverters are designed for quick and easy installation. The high output density and compact dimensions minimize the space required for the installation whilst also reducing AC wiring, thereby further lowering installation costs. If external DC switches and surge arresters are required, the 32HT2 model comes with the additional functionality of a terminal box which can give further cost efficiencies for plant engineers. The HT series are also equipped with the latest communication and monitoring solutions, and are easily incorporated into the MaxView web portal for location-independent plant monitoring.

Solar power plants on commercial and industrial roofs have great potential to become the new hope of the solar industry. According to market analysis published by IHS in December 2013, more than half of the newly built plants in Europe in 2014 will be in the commercial sector - a trend that is only set to increase. The SolarMax HT series provide a highly flexible and efficient solution for these plants delivering low system costs and high performance yields.

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