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UK Centre for Alternative Technology Uses Danfoss ULX Inverters

The renowned British based Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), in preparation for upgrading their solar energy testing and training facilities, will utilise Danfoss ULX single-phase inverters.

Ideal for UK Residential Use
Available in both MV and HV input ranges, the ULX inverter is compatible with a wide variety of modules making them suitable for a range of testing options. The ULX inverter is also ideal for use in the United Kingdom as single-phase is the standard for the UK residential market. The Centre for Alternative Technology’s shift to Danfoss inverters will include 3 x ULX 1800 MV, 2 x ULX 3000 MV (IP21) and 1 x ULX 1800 IP54.   

About CAT’S use of Danfoss Inverters
The Centre for Alternative Technology was founded in 1973 as “...a project to show the nature of the problem and show ways of going forward,” according to its founder Gerard Morgan-Grenville. CAT is an educational and visitor centre which demonstrates practical solutions for sustainability, covering all aspect of green living including solar energy solutions. “CAT also offers graduate and postgraduate programs in environmental architecture and renewable energy. “Our solar testing facility plays an integral part in both training and educating students on the technical aspects of a solar energy set up. We are delighted to have Danfoss photovoltaic inverters as an important teaching and working component of our facilities,” concluded Richard Smith, Lead Tutor at CAT.

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