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ABB Extends its Central Inverter Series with a new 630 kilowatt Model

The new 630 kilowatt (kW) PVS800 central inverter has a very high total efficiency with one of the most compact designs on the market. The operating temperature range is extended and a new modular DC input design provides flexibility for integrators.

The high total efficiency in the new ABB central inverter is a result of systematic and continuous R&D efforts. It has a 98.6% maximum efficiency with an improved efficiency at partial loads to provide a Euro efficiency of 98.4%. This, together with a very low auxiliary power consumption of only 600 watts at nominal power, results in an inverter with a very high total efficiency.

A 45% higher power density compared to earlier ABB central inverters makes this one of the most compact inverters on the market by footprint and volume per kW. This reduces installation and container space and lowers transportation costs.

The new 630 kW ABB central inverter offers a wider operational temperature range, up to 45°C at nominal power, and up to 55°C with power derating. This makes the product very suitable for hot temperature conditions. At lower temperatures, the ABB central inverter provides up to 10% power overloading capability, up to a maximum power output of 700 kW at 25°C.

A newly designed DC input section provides system integrators with a modular and flexible approach. This is especially helpful when considering the DC cable type and the number of junction boxes needed. For example, the 630 kW ABB central inverter is available with eight 250 A inputs, suitable for 16 string junction boxes. Optionally, the inverter is also available with four 400 A or twelve 160 A inputs.

The ABB central inverter series, rated from 100 to 630 kW, is designed for multi-megawatt photovoltaic (PV) power plants as well as large and medium sized commercial and industrial PV installations. With the ABB central inverter’s certificates and advanced and flexible grid support functions, it is possible to meet all applicable network connection requirements, regardless of where the project is located. To help secure the highest return on investment, ABB supports its customers with a dedicated global service network providing a complete range of life cycle services in more than 60 countries.

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