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SOLIVIA solar inverters from Delta - Now applicable for the UK market

The solar inverter manufacturer Delta Energy Systems (Germany) GmbH is entering the UK PV market, focusing on residential installations.

The string inverter models SOLIVIA 2.5, 3.0 and 3.3 EU G3 with an output power ranging between 2.5 and 3.3 kW will be available from September on.

The class B type solar inverters are especially recommended for residential installations due to really low electromagnetic radiation levels and therefore minimal impact on home occupants in comparison to other commonly used solar inverters. Since the IP65 casing is dust-tight, completely safe to touch and protected against jet water from any direction the models are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The SOLIVIA Solar Inverters comply with the requirements defined in the engineering recommendation G83/1-1. The certificate can be found on the website of Delta Energy Systems under following link:

The solar inverters come with a multi-country software designed for use in nine countries (DE, FR, UK, ES, IT, PT, GR, CZ, BE) and each unit is configurable via the display for the respective country. The models have a maximum efficiency of 96 % and operate with a maximum output power up to 57°C. Highly efficient and reliable, with its intelligent MPP tracking, the solar inverters get maximum performance from the solar modules under all operating conditions. All solar inverters have a lightweight, compact design and are very easy to install by using the provided unique mounting bracket. Wires and cables are connected externally without any need to open the enclosure.
In addition, Delta offers a monitoring solution for every PV system – SOLIVIA Monitor - especially designed for the homeowner. The turn-key PV site monitoring system ensures reliable functioning and maximum yield of the solar system. The user-friendly interface provides a quick overview of key values, yield data and system status.


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