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Vacon Converters for Solar Power

With ten years of proven experience of mass-produced generative power converters in various applications, Vacon has to date delivered 5 gigawatts of capacity for renewable energy applications.

Our global service network is available 24/7 to support our customers in commissioning, maintenance and local service operations.

Vacon 8000 Solar
Solar inverters, such as the Vacon 8000 Solar, are a vital part of the configuration between the solar panels and the general grid. The function of an inverter is simply to convert the captured photovoltaic power into AC, and feed it into the grid

Wide power range, 10 kW to 1,000 kW

• 10–100 kW units equipped with transformer with 400 V output
• 125–1,000 kW units are optimized for medium-voltage transformer
• Superior active front-end (AFE) technology enables the very low harmonic content of the output power
• Outdoor medium voltage station
• String connection box

Solar Multimaster

• High power Vacon 8000 Solar units built of 200 kW modules
• Only the necessary number of units are active depending on power level available from panels
• Reduces the running time and thus wear and tear of each module by 40%
• Losing one inverter module takes accumulated power down only by 4% in typical installation site

Maintenance without downtime

• Solar Multimaster allows maintenance and replacement of a single unit while the inverter is still generating power into the network
• Remote monitoring software allows status checks and changing the system set up remotely. Enables fast response and reduces traveling costs
• Modular construction within individual units allows easy and fast access to single components

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