The New Generation Of String Combiner Boxes from Phoenix Contact

SCB Compact string combiner boxesThe new generation of SCB Compact string combiner boxes with in-line fuses from Phoenix Contact is even smaller, more flexible, and more powerful.

Contrary to conventional solutions, string protection is achieved outside the control cabinet. This change reduces the thermal stress inside the connection box, since it allows the fuses mounted on the outside to release their waste heat into the environment. The in-line fuse and all other components in the string combiner box, such as the circuit breaker, surge protection, and monitoring system, are exposed to lower operating temperatures. Over the long term, this means better performance and longer service life for the entire system. It also allows operation at higher ambient temperatures.

Moving the fuses to the outside makes the design of the new connection boxes significantly smaller. The lower volume reduces transportation and storage costs. The string combiner box’s light weight means that a single person can install it.


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