New Partnership Secures Even Brighter UK Future For Renewables

A recent partnership established by the Suffolk-based renewable energy company, Mosscliff Environmental Ltd, is set to champion British manufacturing in the renewables arena.

Alongside UK solar panel manufacturer, Romag, the company are manufacturing and installing ground mount solar PV systems across East Anglia and the rest of the UK, for the first time offering farmers and landowners genuine UK manufactured goods and engineering expertise to enable the installation of renewable energy systems.

Although the UK has significant wind, wave and solar resources, there are few examples of British based manufacturing of goods to take advantage of these opportunities. The new partnership is hoped to change this trend.

Mosscliff Environmental Ltd’s partnership with Romag – an established glass manufacturing company and the foremost British-owned and -based manufacturer of PV panels – enables the company to provide large scale PV development options for farmers and landowners, sourced from British business. Director of Mosscliff Environmental Ltd, David Wyllie, comments:
“We’re confident that this partnership will create and sustain as many as 20 skilled manufacturing and engineering jobs in the region, whilst also contributing to significantly more UK manufacturing jobs through Romag’s factories in Durham. We’ve worked with many suppliers during our 8 years in the renewable energy business in the UK, and we have been very impressed with the level of manufacturing and engineering quality achieved by Romag – even surpassing premium German goods in an exceptionally competitive market place.”

Mosscliff Environmental Ltd have been testing their own ground mount systems - ironically manufactured on an old wartime airfield in Horham near Eye - over the past couple of years, and some recent high profile East Anglia based installations, such as the one at James Foskett’s Farms near Woodbridge, are showcasing their products.

“Our recent installation alongside James Foskett Farms provides an excellent showcase not only for our products, but also the application of renewable energy systems” adds David Wyllie. “ As a high user of electricity James Foskett approached us for help to deal with increasing energy bills and pressure from his suppliers to be purchasing resources more sustainably, James required a solution that met his needs.”

Applying renewable energy for high electricity using sites makes financial and economic sense: as a supplier of locally produced farm goods across the Eastern Region, by using all the electricity from the system on site, James Foskett Farm’s project has become a beacon of sustainable business good practice, far beyond purely the farming world. The 250kWp array will save as much as 5,000 tonnes of carbon over its’ lifetime of 25 years, equivalent to approximately 4,500,000 electrical units.

Mosscliff Environmental Ltd has a range of technology and finance solutions for farmers and other businesses to benefit from renewable energy. In a climate on ongoing increases in electricity and energy costs, businesses are well advised to hedge against energy price rises. Now there is an option of doing so through locally manufactured, and British sourced goods: a welcome opportunity to support Britain and add greater wealth to the general economy.
For more information about commercial scale renewable energy services on offer through
Mosscliff Environmental Ltd or to find out more about the Woodbridge-based example installation call 01379 388080.

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