BRE Third Building Integtrated Photovltaics Conference October 2012

As the UK government’s Feed-in tariff policy begins to stabilise – the retrofit solar panel ‘gold rush’ is over and with that comes several important benefits.

As well as a new stability in the market, a re-evaluation of the architectural role of photovoltaic solar panels (PV) is now possible. Building owners, installers and operators are no longer totally focussed on fast profits and FIT deadlines, so there is room for architects and designers to reflect on some of the advantages of PV as a properly integrated building component.

Building-Integrated PV (BIPV) can offer enhancement of

-    building appearance
-    solar gain control
-    thermal insulation
-    roof or facade material replacement
-    passive ventilation
-    electricity generation

This event is your chance to engage in the most important one-day BIPV conference in the UK - it is the third in a successful series of annual BIPV days organised by BRE.

Conference aim
To bring together architects, suppliers and independent BIPV experts in order to stimulate a dialogue. Designers need to be confident in the products and the benefits they offer, and to understand how to specify them; whilst manufacturers will benefit from meeting potential specifiers face-to-face and gaining a better understanding of how they work and what they need in order to incorporate BIPV products into their designs.

We want to share with you our excitement about good-looking, greener buildings, so come and explore the possibilities, talk with the experts and be part of the revolution!

17 October 2012
RIBA, London

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