The Worlds First Energy Generating Greenhouse

Combining the benefits of a garden greenhouse with renewable solar energy; the new Solar PV Greenhouse, developed by leading PV panel supplier Polysolar, is a viable solution to avoiding those unsightly opaque PV roof panels.

With all the properties of a Cambridge Glasshouse Varsity model and fitted with transparent solar power PV panels to the roof; the Solar PV Greenhouse is an exciting, innovation new product developed using Polysolar's PV panel expertise coupled with Cambridge Glasshouses's long successful history in garden greenhouse.

The transparent PV glass not only generates electricity that feeds into your house but also provides a consistently healthy environment for your plants to grow all year round. The unique properties of Polysolar's transparent PV panels allows sufficient light through for plants to thrive, whilst absorbing UV rays that can scorch and damage your plants. At the same time, the insulating properties of the panels help to keep the temperature within the greenhouse consistent.

Not only will the panels generate electricity for your home and provide an enhanced growing area for your plants, they are also fully approved for the Governements feed-in-tariff, guaranteed to generate an annual income for the next 25 years whilst also saving you money on your electricity bills.

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