Nottingham City Council and EvoEnergy Unveil Major New Solar Project

Nottingham City Council and their partner EvoEnergy Ltd have launched a project that could see up to 8,000 solar panels installed on Council buildings across the city - at no cost to the Council.

It is thought that this is the largest scheme of its kind in the UK, and will help cut the city's carbon emissions, save the Council money and create local jobs.

The project, worth up to three million pounds, is being carried out by the Nottingham based company EvoEnergy Ltd. Solar panels will be fitted to potentially up to 50 Council properties, including schools and leisure centres. It is anticipated that the installations will generate up to a combined total of two megawatts of electricity - which over a year is enough to power 600 homes. The Council gains cheap solar power and reduces its carbon usage as well.

Installations have started and are scheduled to be completed by the end of October.

Councilor Alan Clark, portfolio holder for Energy and Sustainability said; "This shows our commitment to making Nottingham a greener city. Its part of a whole host of renewable energy measures we are introducing. It means we have a greener Nottingham and by buying the solar electricity at a reduced price we are protecting ourselves against increases in electricity charges in the future."

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