ofgem Feed-in Tariff Table 1 November 2012

Ofgem have published the solar PV Feed-in Tariff rates which will come into effect from 1 November 2012. Following the new degression mechanism model that the Department of Energy and Climate Change introduced on 1 August 2012.

The domestic scale (0-4kW) and small commercial scale (10-50kW) tariff bands will receive a 3.5% reduction on 1 November. The total capacity of 10-50kW size systems installed in the three months leading up to August stands at 57.09MW, which is just above the 50MW trigger point for the 3.5% cut.

However, installations in the large commercial band (50kW - 5MW) have not met the set trigger point and so the tariffs for these size systems will reamin at current levels until at least February 2013.

A farm scale, 50kW solar PV installation installed after 1 November 2012 will now attract a generation tariff of 13.03p/kWh, compared to 13.5p/kWh for systems installed before November.