New Guide to Danfoss Solar TLX Pro and TLX Pro+ Network Configuration

The purpose of this guide is to explain how an IT network can be set up correctly with TLX Pro and TLX Pro+ inverters from Danfoss.

The following topics are included in this guide:
1. Residential systems: 1-5 inverters (1 master inverter)
2. Small commercial systems: 6-100 inverters (1 master inverter)
3. Commercial systems: 101-400 inverters (2-4 master inverters)
4. Power plants: 401-xxx inverters (5-xx master inverters)

Different plant types are distinguished by number of inverters, as categorised above. While residential systems can be monitored with standard SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) hardware, systems belonging to the other three categories require professional networking devices, as described in this application guide.


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