TELE starts the largest PV-construction of Vienna

The installation on the roof of the TELE building will provide about 25 percent of its energy consumption. With more than 500 square feet of photo voltaic cells it is the largest construction of its kind in Vienna.

The new plant occupies a total area of 2,500 square meters has and was installed over a period of two weeks.

The 300 plus solar modules produce a peak average of six megawatt hours of electricity per year. That is equivalent to the energy needs of 20 average households. "The new photovoltaic system, well covers 25 percent of our energy consumption - such as for air conditioning and our production. So our goal comes a big step closer: living the social, economic and environmental sustainability "says Christoph Haase, managing director of TELE.

Sustainability is not just a slogan at TELE. The efficient use of resources will be actively pursued. The company develops and manufactures monitoring and control solutions for small power stations such as photovoltaic or wind systems. Secondly, in-house power consumption peaks (f.e. in summer with air conditioning) are cushioned with an intelligent control system.
With its activities the company will continue its focus on the topic of energy and "green" technology.

The know-how from the monitoring and control technology is also very important for more than two years within the exploration and developments in the area of electric mobility. "We see our engagement in energy production and its use as a “mission”. This is already being reflected in new TELE-developments, as well as lived in daily contact with our resources, "said Christoph Haase.


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