New Solar Carport Operational at F1 Team Sauber Premises

The solar farm commissioned by the Sauber team is one of the largest solar carports in Switzerland

The solar farm commissioned by the Sauber team in Hinwil is now on the grid: The plant was officially inaugurated in September and delivers an annual yield of 155,600 kwh according to the racing team. This is equivalent to the energy required by 44 households. At peak periods the farm can achieve an output of 173 kilowatts. The energy return time for the installed thin-film silicon solar modules is less than one year.

In their statement  the team also claims that their plant is one of the largest solar carport systems in Switzerland. The structure, comprising 1573 thin-film silicon PV modules, extends across an area of over 2249m². In record time  modules were mounted on the roofs of one building and across a large number of carport structures designed for the purpose: Thanks to the "innovative and cost-efficient mounting of modules" the entire construction of the power plant took only six weeks.

A public screen displays the current output of the plant in real time. The yield of each respective day can also be viewed along with the total energy produced by the plant to date.

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